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Test Yourself With UFit Studio


Managing Coach of U Fit Studio Joe Hanney tells us how by testing our abilities we can push ourselves to become the athletes we aspire to be.


This summer, the greatest show on earth rolls around again; the Olympic Games in Rio is going to be bigger and better than ever. More world records will be broken, stars will be born and athletes will be tested to their limits.


The world of elite sport is an extremely harsh place to be and with the pressure of the world on athlete’s shoulders, what would the Olympians have been doing to begin their four year cycle to Rio?

Photo Credit: Scott Choucino
Photo Credit: Scott Choucino



Every plan to improve the performance of a human being requires the same thing to be effective; a start point, a “Where are my weaknesses?” They will have their flexibility, their fitness, their strength and their psychology tested to set their baseline. From that point onwards they will be ruthless in their quest to improve.


They will take the results of their testing and make a plan of what needs to improve, it’s all good and well saying “Well you weren’t fast enough, we’ll try again in four years”, the question that should be asked is “Why weren’t you fast enough, what is the missing piece of the puzzle?”


The idea of testing an elite athlete to improve their performance seems obvious, so then why do people not do the same thing when starting on a diet?

Most people’s answer is “I know what I need to do, I just need to eat better and then I’ll lose weight.” Well, yes but what’s the reason that you struggle to eat well?


Imagine our Olympic coach saying to the athlete, “You just need to run faster and you’ll definitely win next time.”


Social environments, the set-up of your kitchen and the stress that you feel day to day all get in the way of a good diet before you even get to the topic of what to eat.


Then there is knowing how to structure a diet for your goals and your body type without making you feel terrible and taking into account your activity levels and any special needs you might have.

If you don’t know how to account for these variables then you’re like our athlete out on the track repeatedly trying to run faster but coming back with the same time again and again.


At U Fit Studio we have a system to gather all of this information together so that when we start working with a client we know their weak spots and get them improving quickly. We have put this assessment online, so that you can submit your information and receive a free report telling you where you are, what you need to improve and what to aim for.


Simply go to the following website to gain access to the online health assessment:


By Joe Hanney