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Speaking to Dr Bert Kee, it is easy to see that his job as a dentist is more than just a profession; he is passionate about providing a service to the community. Born in Mauritius, he came over to England to study at Leeds University, and following a period spent in a general practice in Leicester, set up Oadby Dental Clinic in 1999. The practice has three dentists and seven other staff consisting of dental nurses and receptionists.

Having lived in Oadby since moving to Britain, Dr Kee has become esteemed in the area, with a loyal patient base. “I like to think of my patients as friends. Because I have been a dentist for such a long time, I see generations of families who have been coming to me for many years. Some children who’ve grown up with me now have their own children and it’s nice to feel part of their family – it makes me feel like their granddad!

“Even after they have moved away they often still come to see me – I have patients from as far afield as London, Bristol and Skegness.”

His patients are obviously pleased with the results, and people who are usually self- conscious about smiling turn into Cheshire cats after their treatment at the clinic, which includes dentures, crowns and clear braces. Dr Kee, who specialises in cosmetic dentistry, explained that seeing the improvements, not just aesthetically but in people’s confidence, gives him a huge boost. “I can help people and change their lives. We often see a lot of tears where patients are so pleased and overwhelmed by the transformation.”

Despite this, the dentist is admittedly not most people’s favourite place to be and whilst this might pose a challenge, Dr Kee maintains that he is not fazed by the panic that he has to deal with on a regular basis. “A lot of nervous people come in but I know that if you treat them compassionately and sympathetically and listen to their problems, you can win them over.”

According to Dr Kee, it’s not always the ones you would expect to be terrified: “I’ve seen patients, mainly men, big men, they are the worst! The first few times they come in they are sweating and anxious but after a couple of visits they relax – it makes me happy seeing them feel at ease.”

Dr Kee strives to keep at the top of his game and he regularly attends courses around the world to ensure that he is at the forefront of any advancement in dentistry. “I have been abroad to train which means that I am able to provide the best treatment for my patients. I don’t mind how far I have to travel, if that’s what it takes then I’m prepared to go all the way”