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Film review: The Odd Life of Timothy Green

by Benazir Anwar

Age certification: U

Written by: Peter Hedges

Directed by: Peter Hedges

Cast: Steve Jennifer Garner, Joel Edgerton, CJ Adams

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Fantasy

Rating: ***

Set in the small town of Stanleyville, Jim and Cindy Green (Jennifer Garner, Joel Edgerton) are desperate to have a child. After hearing the news that Cindy is unable to have children, the couple give up on their dream of being parents. In an attempt to move on, they draw up a list of qualities which they would like in their own child and bury it in their back garden. The same night, there is a freak storm and the couple find themselves in possession of a young boy – Timothy.

To say this film is an accurate reflection of its title would not be an understatement. The Odd Life of Timothy Green is slightly confused and quite frankly, odd. Despite this, there is enough to keep both adults and children entertained. Although many of these themes are not rounded enough to create a completely heartfelt film, issues such as bullying, sibling rivalry and friendship create a warm side, whilst the more serious issues of infertility and work problems create a sense of realism.

It is packed full of entertaining characters, and along the way, in true Disney form, these stereotypical characters teach the audience lessons on honesty, kindness and love. The story itself is told in flashbacks, with each aspect of Timothy, his life and the obstacles the family face being covered.

Timothy, played by newcomer CJ Adams, is the perfect blend of magical and charming, with all of his scenes making the film incredibly heart warming. In particular, the final football game is especially hilarious, with all of the characters bringing something extra to the film.

Although The Odd Life of Timothy is by no means a Disney masterpiece, the effort is clear and it’s still an enjoyable family film nonetheless.

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