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Leicester Holi Festival Back With A Splash

HOLI FESTIVAL is a Hindu tradition (also called the Festival of Colour) which marks the arrival of spring with bonfires and showers of powdered paints. It will be celebrated here in Leicester once again, in March.

Large-scale Holi events have been organised at Spinney Hill Park, in Mere Road, from 4pm on Wednesday 7 March, and from 5pm at the Cossington Street Recreational Ground, in Belgrave.

Last year 5,000 revellers gathered at Spinney Hill Park to join in with the celebrations and even more are expected to attend this year’s party.
Special festive events include an afternoon of meeting and greeting followed by evening bonfires.

For those unfamiliar with the meaning of Holi, Mr Jatin who helps to organise the Spinney Hill Park event, explains: “It holds spiritual significance. The bonfire represents light, light gives life and these values are happily celebrated.”

Another ritual is the burning of coconuts. This is the most important symbolic act of Holi, which represents the burning away of old sins and the chance to start life afresh. Prashad food (meaning that which gives peace) will also be served as a food of prayer and as a sacred gift.

Holi Festival in Leicester will be bursting with the traditional customs of the Hindu culture and everyone is welcome to attend the events. Holi promises to be a great chance to learn something new, as well as enjoying a springtime event that is celebrated by Hindus all over the world.

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