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Rapping up Success

Leicester rapper Lloyd Luther is set to drop his new album later this year, capitalising on the incredible success he’s built up over the past few years; celebrity fans, a Netflix song placement and over six-million Spotify plays to date…

The 36-year-old burst onto the UK mainstream rap scene in 2019, after his powerful track ‘Drugs on Tap’ featured on an episode of ‘Top Boy’ – a Netflix drama, which showcases life on an east London estate.

The track – a commentary on how over-the-counter drugs and alcohol affect society, garnered praise from high-profile celebrities, including superstar rapper Drake, and Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher, who selected it for BBC 6Music.

The video for the song, which was shot around Leicester, has secured an impressive 1.7 million views on YouTube to date.

“People used to tell me that ‘Drugs on Tap’ was too conscious to get big, and because it was such a long track as well, I never thought it would amount to anything,” said Lloyd, who studied Music Technology at De Montfort University.

“I actually put it out in 2015, so it sat in the underground for four years before it was actually picked up.

“Then one day, out of the blue, I got an email from Drake – Top Boy producer, who came across it, and thought it would be great for the show.

I couldn’t believe it. I just thought maybe it was one of my mates messing about, but no – it was him, and the rest is history!

Before making music his full-time career, Lloyd made a living by delivering parcels. He also worked in insurance for a spell.

Despite his growing fame, he is still very much a Leicester lad, living and producing music in the city he has called home since moving from London with his Mum aged 9.

“Leicester’s had a big influence on my music,” revealed the artist, who has a track called ‘King Power’ nestled within his impressive catalogue.

“Because of its wide cultural growth over the years, it’s enabled me to live through and see more perspectives than I would have done if I stayed in London I think.

“There’s a real conscious element and a care for society that you have up here, and it’s given my writing more scope for sure.”

Lloyd’s tracks are known for being intense and hard-hitting – with lyrics that are often raw, topical and politically charged.

He will release his latest album at the end of this year, and although he is keeping tight lipped about the title, he revealed that it will feature a track called ‘AI’ – something which explores the growing concerns around artificial intelligence – especially in music itself.

“When I wrote the song four years ago, no one was speaking about AI, but now it’s becoming more and more relevant,” he told Pukaar.

“We’re seeing issues come to the surface and it’s causing a lot of problems in the music industry already – artists being imitated and things like that.

“In the genre that I’m in, a lot of the music centres on violence, or people getting out of violence and poverty. However, I like to rap about stuff that people have not really touched on before – stuff that’s a little bit outside the box. That’s what really drives and excites me, and I think that’s what my fans love as well.”