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Sound of the Summer

Upcoming band Mouth Culture are currently one of the hottest acts on the Leicester music scene, with comparisons already being made to ‘Easy Life’, a super successful indie outfit who burst out of the city back in 2017.

With their fresh Summer sound and effortlessly cool vibe, it’s not hard to see why such comparisons have been made – and why the band are currently racking up tens-of thousands of streams on Spotify.

Picture: Mouth Culture

Mouth Culture’s songs have a sunny, hazy and almost dreamlike quality to them – an alluring retro vibe, which is laid back and understated, and yet at the same time so fabulously extra.

When it comes to their aesthetic, think giant inflatable palm trees, flamingoes, pineapples and fluorescent heart-shaped sunglasses.

Their 2021 debut EP ‘These Days’, is packed full of Vitamin ‘D’ and perfect for laid-back, easy Summer listening.

Yes, these are songs made for Summer, and songs guaranteed to make you feel good. 

“I love the idea of someone driving through with their mates in the car, and it’s really sunny and they’ve got their windows down, just blasting it, vocalist Jack Voss told Pukaar.

“We do imagine driving a lot when we’re writing and recording”.

The band self produce everything from the home they share together in Leicester, which helps the creative process “big time”, they say.

Alongside Jack, the band consists of four other musicians; Jacob Keller Welsh, Mason Clifford, Chris Jesson and Todd Groome.

“We argue a lot but in a healthy way”, revealed guitarist Jacob, who also produces the band’s tracks.

“We’ve all got a lot of different tastes. We listen to everything from 70s funk tunes through to really heavy house and grime music”.

“When you walk into the house, you never know what’s going to be playing!” added Jack.

It’s true. When it comes to Mouth Culture, their list of influences is extensive, and includes varied acts like; The 1975, The Neighbourhood, Harry Styles, Bring me the Horizon, Biffy Clyro and My Chemical Romance.

Packed full of catchy guitar hooks, rhythmic bass lines and infectious pop melodies, the band’s songs have already made a big splash on several Spotify playlists, which they credit for their soaring popularity.

However, they feel that the city of Leicester has also really gotten behind them, with some even tipping them as the city’s ‘next big thing’.

A recent gig at Firebug sold out in under 10 minutes, and the band played their first headline show at the city’s Y Theatre in May, (complete with inflatable paddling pools and palm trees of course). 

“In Leicester we’re doing our thing, and I feel like the city’s getting behind us”, said Jack.

“We’re all a bit goofy and weird, and we just kind of embrace it.

“At the end of the day, we love making music with one another, and I think that the more that you put of yourselves into something, the more authentic it is”.

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By Louise Steel