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Tapping Her Way to the Top!

Imagine being a double world champion at just 15 years old! That’s exactly what Leicestershire’s Mackenzie Dandy is, after winning not just one, but two gold medals at the World Tap Dance Championships.

The talented teen travelled to Germany in September, after being selected to dance for Team GB. It’s an experience which she describes as a “dream come true” and her “biggest achievement to date.”

“It feels absolutely amazing! I’ve worked so hard for this moment, and it didn’t feel real at first. To come back with
two golds, plus a silver and a bronze was beyond my wildest dreams,” she told Pukaar.
“Although it has slowly begun to sink in, it still feels surreal to think that I’m a World Champion Tap Dancer! ”

Mackenzie lives in the Leicestershire village of Ibstock, and has been dancing at Coalville’s Storm Performance Academy since the age of four.
She enjoys all genres; Acro, Contemporary and Commercial. However tap is the discipline which really has her heart.

“I find it a really good way to show your emotion through your dance, and unlike some genres it really tests your strength, skill and expertise,” said Mackenzie, who was recently named Junior Sportsperson of the Year for North West Leicestershire.

“It feels amazing when I’m Tap Dancing, I enjoy the way you can show different emotions through the style of tapping and I like the different beats and sounds that you are able to create when tapping.
“I tap dance to all kinds of different music and my current solo is to a track by Lewis Capaldi. However, the good thing with Tap, is you can do it to pretty much any kind of music…”

The World Tap Dance Championships were overseen by a total of seven judges from across the world. As well as impressing with her solo dance, which was performed to Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘All I Want,’ Mackenzie also excelled in the group number, which was danced to a version of Daft Punk’s ‘One More Time.’

“We all smashed it out of the park,” she said of the team’s
effort. “In honesty, the competition went better than I could have ever imagined…

“It just felt amazing to do what I love to do. It means a lot to me to be able to go and show people my talent and what I can do.”

Mackenzie is hoping to audition for Team GB again this year, and to attend the 2024 championships in Prague.
Her father Rhys expressed his pride at his daughter’s incredible achievements.

“As her Father I’m extremely proud. Mackenzie as always given 110 per cent to her dancing, and does her training and competing at the highest possible standard she can,” he said.
“It makes the many, many miles driven and the hours and hours spent waiting in the car all worth while!”

Commenting on Mackenzie’s achievements, Suzie Adams, Principal at Storm Academy, said: “There are many people along the way who have inspired, guided, and nurtured her gift, but ultimately she is the reason for her achievements.

“She’s her own biggest critic, and has always cheered for her team mates more than she she would ever cheer for herself. She’s passionate about every single performance, whether it be performing in a local working men’s club or dancing on a world stage for her country. The same level of performance is given. Mackenzie deserves every ounce of success that continues to come her way!”