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Too Much Choice Better Than Naan?

By Vinay Gogana, Investment Analyst at Mattioli Woods

Picture: Mattioli Woods

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen a change in consumer behaviour with many taking to the likes of Deliveroo to satisfy their curry cravings from the comfort of their own home. At Mattioli Woods we have been attending a range of investment seminars and research meetings without having to leave the house during the global Covid lockdowns over the last couple of years. These opportunities have allowed us to continue to make informed decisions for our portfolios to keep up with the ever-changing backdrop of the investment universe. But with lockdowns now easing across many global economies, the shift to attending events in person has been made. Similarly, the experience of enjoying that lockdown curry favourite in the heart of the restaurant in which it was made has thankfully been restored. 

As with investment opportunities, there is a wide range from which to choose, from safe havens, such as the traditional korma to the riskier choice of a vindaloo. It is important to make sure all information is gathered before deploying into the financial markets (or in this case, choosing from the delicious menus!)

The level of choice in Leicester alone is extraordinary, with the city’s range of culinary options a delight for customers, and with many passing the taste test alongside great complementary sides (i.e., the fluffy delight of a peshwari naan to go along with the heat of a vindaloo), it is important to diversify one’s choice for an excellent reward. Similarly, our investment team research all options available to us, to offer our client portfolios a rewarding blend of exposure and to ensure they are not heavily led by one asset/spice/taste. Where required, we might add a different flavour to portfolios even when our peers are going for something very different. Some areas, such as India have offered irresistible opportunities for investors whereas other markets like China have left a bad taste in the mouth and we are steering clear! 

We wish everyone the very best of luck at this year’s awards and enjoy the range of vast choice of Leicester’s finest curry!